Lukas Valenza , was born on Pantelleria Island (Italy) in 1989. Lukas starts to cultivate the passion for electronic music originally selecting discs at school and local parties then moving to the console of almost all local clubs. He starts to study the history of djs and electronic music production at the Foligno Academy .

In 2010 he makes his first release on No Logik Records Daniele Petronelli’s label, one of the most active Italian dj/producer. and then he makes the “No-Logik Release Party” to promote electronic music for the label In 2011 he released his first piece abroad “Clodiè”on Menomale Records and also makes the Menomale Rec Label Party ”Easter Pills” on his island to promote the label ! In 2012 he makes another e.p on No-Logik Records , called “South e.p” with the themes “South” and “Indoo”. Indoo was selected in the “Global House Party compilation on iTunes by Believe Digital that contains 60 of the best deep Tech and House hits of the moment, and Indoo was played by Roger Sanchez on the release yourself radioshow and charted by Daniele Petronelli . In 2013 he makes one e.p on Plastik, Fm called With love, featuring Margot and Fruttolo , he then makes a remix for Carl Velasquez on House Park records called My Life and he makes one release on Cray1 Digital called Malibou (Best sellers at the moment on beatport)

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