DJ / Producer: Dino Saints


Although still very young as an artist Dino Santososso Saints has already gone far ahead in the world of electronic music, everything began in December 2006 at the age of sixteen, where he started with  his first “staff “the organization of his first improvised, Disc Jockey party. It all begins as a personal challenge, and the desire of having fun with friends.


Dino Saints

His interest in music , begins during his teen years, but his passion for the genre Techno and almost all of its subgenres has matured over the years, leading initially to the scene of the Brianza console for about a couple of years, until 2008, when he decides to take a reflective pause that lasted until 2012. In 2013 , as a result of seven years of study as an self learner, paying close attention to this music, he released his first EP  “MY HEART PLAY MUSIC”, a total of three tracks under the label “Two Records ” From this moment seeing the first results in his career , he decided to devote much more closely to his passion further developing his skills as a musical entertainer and allowing it to publish the second and third Ep “FRIENDS ON MY HEART ” and ” MORNING LIGHTS”. The latter, a total of four tracks for Friends On My Heart, under the label ” Do not Stop Records’ , Madrid, and five tracks for Morning Lights, under the label ” White Islands Recordings “, Barcelona. Enthusiastic about the work carried out and caught by a very delicate moment due to the departure of a great friend , he devoted himself to the production of an singe track dedicated to him, ” MI HERMANO “, under the label ” Fresh Records” From Alicante. This single will become one of the most felt by the artist. In the same year Dino also begins numerous collaborations with other local producers from the Milanese hinterland , Brianzolo and Bergamasco , such as amygdala Theatre, Lido Beach, Square 110 , Bedlam , T4 coffe , both as a solo artist and with his District staff project. His music was immediately supported by a large number of people and mixed in numerous performances . He continues to experiment with new productionss , more and more fancy and sophisticated, but most who know how to convey emotion to the listener and the passion for this genre and music in general.

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