Toad, has been involved in the electronic music scene for more than 10 years, without a doubt the best dj – producer of Toluca’s city, thanks to a long career and great skill he has been invited to play in some of the most important festivals of the country.

Rafael Melendez Barrueta a.k.a Toad

has played with different artists of international stature such as D-Nox & Beckers, Infected Mushroom, Sesto Sento, Mapusa Mapusa, Ticon, Nortec, Sussie 4 among others, earning the trust of Matan Caspi, owner of Outta limits thanks to his talent and great effor, he became the manager in Mexico of the label Outta Limits, label that has pressence in all the european continent, his talent and fine taste are the main features that made him the best Dj of toluca in the Progressive Tech House genre.

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