DJ / Producer: Jose Gallegos


Jose started to develop love for electronic music 6 years ago, when he was just 13 years old he began mixing using simple programs like virtual dj, beat media, cue, etc. He grew so passionate about music that 2 years after that he started asking for spaces to play in public places, with people who knew him

Jose Gallegos

When he turned 16 years old he was already playing in simple places around the city of Juarez Chihuaha, with friends and new fans who began supporting him, after this he decided to find out how to make his own music, and because of this stopped playing for awhile to dedicate himself to musical production, he then began making some simple tracks but kept trying and insisting and making several tunes until a label called Millionarie Records signed him out, he was so excited that started producing more and more retiring himself completely from the DJ scene and releasing several tracks of distinct genres like Tech house, Minimal, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Progressive-psy, among others, it was there where several labels started to call him to produce his music like DFLCJ Records, a dance company registered in Juarez.

Just turning 18, Tattva Music signed his track Acid Popper and here is where his real career begins, thanks to the influence and support of his great friend and mate Octavio Rojas aka Forza, Jose Gallegos continued producing and working for the label of Tattva Music up until this day, Jose has been called from several labels like Border Records, Dark Box Records & Progressive Love Records, he dedicates full time to work in the studio making music, because this is his only interest.

Influences: Friends and mates that shared the same love for music like Solver, Van Land, Acid Diamond, Chris Moor, Wonka Def, Zaid Ch, Forza, Joseph Zolo among others.


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