Dj / Producer: Organikbit


His first artistic name is Alcohol Kontrol, concept based in creation of electronic music with the essence of clandestine Raves on year 1999, inspired in the Aca World Sound Festival, an event that marked his life forever.

Julio Misset aka Organikbit

Returning from Acapulco he gets enrolled in the GMartell music academy to study Audio engineering, it is here that he begins to know people from Televisa and is able to become a part of the Telehit music channel, complementing in this way his passion for creative arts, being able to design the image of the program +Nescafé dedicated to electronic music, this open a huge window for the creation of electronic music specially in ads that he himself edits and post produces, because of this skill he is able to be a part of several advertising brands, being able to sell his music and sounds in a lot of advertisements for brands such as Nintendo.

He has played in special events for brands like Gillete, Coca Cola and in bars of the Roma district in Mexico city such as Pata Negra.

In 2008 he begins the concept of OrganikBit that encompasses audio design and dj mixes then he decotes himself to play most of his time House, Tech House & Minimal Techno, styles that enrich his taste for electronic music and good Rave parties.

Actually he participates in the events of the electronic music Label Tattva Music and he is preparing an album for the firm, two of the tracks of this upcoming work were already presented in the renown electronic music radio station Beat 100.9 FM, he is also resident of La Perdida Bar, craft beer shop which is located in the Narvarte district of Mexico city.

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