DJ / Producer Dino Saints


Even though he is still a young artist, Dino Santosso aka Dino Santos has already walked a long path in the world of electronic music.

It all began as a personal challenge and a game shared with good friends that began in his teen years, with time this passion increased and took Gino to the scene of the club Brianzole for around 2 years when in 2008 he decided to make a stop that lasted until 2012 and un 2013 as a result of self study listening this music he released his first EP “My hear” With the label Play music, a total of three tracks under the label of “Two Records” Since that moment after watching the first results of his career he decided to dedicate fully to this passion and develop even more his skills as a producer, after this he was able to publish his second EP “Friends of my Heart” and “Morning Light”, the latter with a total of four tracks released under the label “Islas Blancas” Excited with the realized job and after a very delicate moment when a friend passed away he makes the track “Mi hermano” under the label “Fresh Form Records” This single would become one of the most felt by the artist. The next year he also begins several collabs with other local djs from Milan, Brianzolo and Bergamasco.

Dino’s music is characterized by a mix of precision and synthesizers and immediately received the support of big numbers of people and has been performing in several dance floors since. Actually he is experimenting with new productions trying to transmit emotions and passion for this genre and music in general to the listener.

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