Divino Medrano

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Divino Medrano is an artist / producer / remixer / DJ, which is internationally recognized for his musical productions. From the 14 years he could be heard making their first electronic songs into only his incredible taste in music.

David aka Divino Medrano

As a DJ holds a great reputation known for his sets of up to 7 hours in the country’s top clubs. His contribution to the national electronic scene demonstrates his amazing ability to overcome the symbolic title of “DJ”.

As a producer, Divino Medrano has created an enviable reputation with songs like “La Palapa”, “In The Beginning”, “”Ladies & Gentleman”, “Now House” which have been continuously chartered and played by many DJs International and have stayed several times in the TOP 100 Beatport sales, have also placed several items in # 1 in all the record in publishing. The songs have been remixed by many of the highest grossing American artists of the world in prestigious labels such as: Muzik Xpress, Soulman Music, Nervine Records, Southamerican House, Bedroom Muzik and more.

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