Rolas large

Since the beginning of this century this DJ has rocked several dance floors in the country, always in evolution he is now presenting a harmonic, rhythmic, futuristic and spacey set with minimal accents and a progressive touch.

Rolando Morales Aka Delphonic

Has been active in the Mexican electronic scene since the beginning of year 2000, he came from the city of Celaya to Mexico city to study with Dj Forza and start his career, he also learnt how to build intrincated and beautiful hilogramic decoration by his friend Eveliene Van Vroonhoven aka Akbal, once ready he started making his way into the scene and he has been going strong in the Mexican electronic music scene since those times, when DJ Forza started the project Tattva Music knowing of Rolando’s great skill and because of their history together he invited him to the ranks of Tattva.

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