Danetti Salvitano


Italian/Mexican DJ / Producer, Danetti Salvitano an emerging talent in the mexican techno and house music scene. His productions consistently rock dance floors around the world and he regularly DJs in some of Mexico’s best clubs.

Daneti Salvitano aka Gua

Is an artist with house and techno music running through his veins, and he shows no signs of slowing. His productions cross genres and are found in the playlist of house music’s Djs around Mexico.

He has spent the past months delivering releases and remixes for different labels, whilst marrying a lifetime of passion and dedication to his love of DJing. Emerging as one of the Mexican/Italy’s forward thinking music creative’s, Danetti formulated his own sound by fusing together elements of varying genres which have long been the aural identity of his native country. Combining psychedelic trance, techno and house, rolling punched beats and crossing minimal melodies, Danetti has been able to construct a unique musical presence that is both eclectic and flexible, yet robust and cutting edge.

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