DJ / Producer: Carlos Cansian


With 10 years of career, Carlos Cansian has a very singular story. Pioneer of electronic music in the scene of Londrina, he is one of the most respected Djs in the state. Together with Thiago Merli they created the legendary duo Rackatech, releasing his first track “Unknown Agents” with Forza in year 2009 in one of the most respected and prestigious label of Mexico, Sounds of Earth. In 2012 they were invited to become part of Tattva Music, The mexican label with most international influence. In 2013 they decided to freeze Rackatech and Carlos continues his solo project: Carlos Cansian.


Carlos Cansian

Soon, his musical baggage and personality granted him a residence in the most important dj club of the city of Maringá in the Brazilian state of Paraná. “Nite Club” he was also chosen to be the label manager of Tattva Music and the head of the Brazilian branch of the label, the one who is responsible of the team of our artists here. 2014 promises to be a year of a lot of work, planning what will be the first Tattva Brazil tour to Mexico in 2014. Carlos Cansian is a dancefloor veteran that has been playing in the best clubs and parties of the region during his 10 year career.
skype : carlos.cansian
+55 43 9678 3536

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