Addictive Frequency

Phase Modulation Large

This project was created by Daniel Espinoza (Phase Modulation) & Ismael Velazquez (Kaban) it was born in year 2011 and when it released it first tracks immediately had the support of the best djs from the Mexican Scene.

Addictive Frequency

Signs his first tracks with Sounds of Earth, label that has or had artists like: Duca, Astronivo, Signal Deluxe, Forza, Vazik, Tini Tun among others. After releasing his first single they get support by the best djs in the world scene like: Dave Seaman, Funkagenda, Slam, Anderson Noise, Anthony Pappa, Audio Junkies, Gareth Emery, Piatto, Cristian Varela, D-Formation, Pena, Kosmas Epsilon, Glitter, to name a few.

After releasing their first single “Urban Tribal” en July of 2011, it began to sound in the dancefloors and international radio programs like Vinyl Club of Grant paterson & Jamie Anderson.

Seven months after that in february 2012 they release their first EP “Secret Space”, having great response because the tracks that make this EP have been played by several DJs with great renkown in several places of the world.

Actually they have releases programmed in several of the best international and national labels. And they have a very attractive live for the dance floors of the world charged with energy and groove.


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