Dj / Producer: Rodrigo Casillas aka Antal Maia


Antal Maia  is a producer and Dj from Mexico, its been 5 years since he decided to start his musical journey

Rodrigo Casillas aka Antal Maia

Started up in 2008, always with the idea of making his own sounds but to get there he knew he had to learn the magic of mixing tunes.

His has been very versatile and patient on his mixing, covering a variety of genres Psychedelic, Progressive trance, Progressive, Techno, Minimal, House and its ramifications like Soulful house, Tech house, Jackin House, progressive house, Deephouse etc. Also plays loungue, chillout, chillhouse IDM, Triphop, Psychill, experimental.

After being playing in Mexico for several years he decided to move to Madrid and give the next step to start his own productions, he is now producing Minimal, Minimal House, Progressive. and has a residency in Maculato fashion club.

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