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TVM0018 – Analogic Toys

Simone Cristini was born in Civitavecchia, Italy on December 21st, 1983. Producing since 2004, and releasing on some of Italy’s Best labels such as, Paprika records, Mistyka Records, Stereo Seven, Polar Noise, Dbx & Sphera Records, Always passionate and engaged with House Music sounds this time he presents us a[...]

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Interview with dj Forza by Caio Uehara: English / Español / Português

English Just like I spoke about the Boom of Electronic Music , we see that e-music is breaking more and more barriers spreading to the entire world. There are persons that have a more collective instinct, and for that they try to do always more, looking solutions for the problems[...]

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English Tattva Music Was created with the intention of being a platform to give the chance to talented artists to publish their work, as well as a means to promote talented foreign artists, inside our country and talented mexican artists abroad. The intention behind Tattva is not only to publish[...]

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