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TVM014 – The deep end

With a commitment to electronic music since the early 90s, Thomas Johanshon aka Mapusa Mapusa has not only witnessed the evolution of Trance and the rise of all its subgenres. As a DJ and producer he actively took part this process, became one of its driving forces. Browsing through his[...]

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Interview with dj Forza by Caio Uehara: English / Español / Português

English Just like I spoke about the Boom of Electronic Music , we see that e-music is breaking more and more barriers spreading to the entire world. There are persons that have a more collective instinct, and for that they try to do always more, looking solutions for the problems[...]

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About us

English Tattva Music Was created with the intention of being a platform to give the chance to talented artists to publish their work, as well as a means to promote talented foreign artists, inside our country and talented mexican artists abroad. The intention behind Tattva is not only to publish[...]

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